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Lawn Care Service, Home, Lawn Care Service Minneapolis

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Lawn Care Service, Home, Lawn Care Service Minneapolis

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Lawn Care Service, Home, Lawn Care Service Minneapolis

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Lawn Care Service Minneapolis

Lawn Care Service Minneapolis, is a locally owned and operated lawn care company providing environmentally responsible, kid and pet friendly lawn fertilization, weed and pest management control.

With over 45 years of experience when it comes to quality lawn care, our highly skilled team of lawn care professionals will handle any weed, diseases,  pests infestation and rejuvenate your lawn back to it’s glory days.

Minneapolis lawn care service uses nothing but quality lawn care tools and products to bring your lawn back to life for your home, business and recreational parks.

Our proprietary fertilizer allows us to better service the Minneapolis and St. Paul Metro area. Trust your local lawn care Minneapolis team.

By utilizing a more powerful pre-emergent early in the spring when soil temperatures hit 55 degrees, our professional lawn care team can effectively block a higher percentage of unwanted crabgrass and perennial weed seeds in your Minneapolis Lawn.

Lawn Care Service, Home, Lawn Care Service Minneapolis



Weed Control Service

Protect your investment with a customized weed control program that will help eliminate unsightly broadleaf weeds.

Lawn Care Service, Home, Lawn Care Service Minneapolis
Lawn Fertilization

Weed Man uses proprietary fertilizers to make your lawns thick and healthy.

Lawn Care Service, Home, Lawn Care Service Minneapolis
Lawn Disease Control

Despite your best efforts, disease can find a way to creep into your lawn in the form of brown patches and circles.

Lawn Care Service, Home, Lawn Care Service Minneapolis
Crabgrass Control

Crabgrass is a troublesome weed grass that annually infests lawns across the country turning thick, lush, green lawns into thin, weak, patchy lawns.

Lawn Care Service, Home, Lawn Care Service Minneapolis
Nutsedge Control

Nutsedges are often referred to as nutgrass and resemble common grasses. However they are not grasses, but sedges, and can be extremely difficult to control.

Lawn Care Service, Home, Lawn Care Service Minneapolis
Eliminate & Remove  White Grub

Nothing wreaks havoc on your lawn like an army of grubs. The signs may be subtle – Japanese beetles flying, a few brown patches and suddenly your lawn appears to die right in front of your eyes.

Lawn Care Service, Home, Lawn Care Service Minneapolis
Moss Control

While mosses can be attractive as a particular feature of your backyard or garden, they’re generally not acceptable in most lawns.

Lawn Care Service, Home, Lawn Care Service Minneapolis
Surface Insect Control

Protect your lawn from damaging insects through a properly supervised Weed Man program designed to reduce infestations.

Lawn Care Service, Home, Lawn Care Service Minneapolis
Lawn Seeding

Let Weed Man strengthen your lawn with high quality grass seed to help replenish bare or damaged areas.

Lawn Care Service, Home, Lawn Care Service Minneapolis
Organic Lawn Dressing

Weed Man’s topdressing program – a fortified mix of topsoil, compost and other micro-nutrients – is designed to reintroduce beneficial nutrients to restore the health of your lawn’s soil.

Lawn Care Service, Home, Lawn Care Service Minneapolis
Vegetation Control

For unknown reasons, unrecognizable species may invade your lawn. Rely on your Weed Man professional to control undesirable vegetation.

Lawn Care Service, Home, Lawn Care Service Minneapolis
Mechanical Core Aeration

Core aeration reduces your lawn’s thatch layer to promote good root health as well as to let the water, air and nutrients reach the areas that need it most.

Lawn Care Service, Home, Lawn Care Service Minneapolis
Flea and Tick Control

Not only can flea’s and ticks be annoying pests, they can be dangerous to pets and in some cases to humans.


Minneapolis The Beauty Near Me

Minneapolis, Minnesota is a city of endless natural beauty, widely known for its lush parks, stunning waterways, and abundant wildlife. Nestled between the mighty Mississippi River and sparkling lakes, this city boasts some of the most breathtaking scenery in the entire country.

From the vast acres of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden to the tranquil surroundings of Lake Harriet, the city’s outdoor spaces offer a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Minneapolis residents are exceptionally lucky to have access to more than 235 city parks, which are spread over an area of 6,400 acres. A majority of the city’s parks are located along the Mississippi riverfront, and each one is unique in its offerings.

The parks offer numerous opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, fishing, and picnicking on lush green grass.

Minneapolis has dedicated trail systems that encompass more than 50 miles, including bike lanes, pedestrian paths, and a network of interconnected bikeways.

So Much Green Near Me

Lawn Care Service, Home, Lawn Care Service Minneapolis

1. Outdoor Breezes at Minnehaha Falls Park

Located in the heart of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Minnehaha Falls Park is a stunning display of natural wonders where visitors can bask in the beauty of nature. The park features a magnificent 53-foot waterfall that cascades into a serene pool below, surrounded by rich greenery and walking trails.

As one of the most popular and beloved parks in the city, Minnehaha Falls Park offers breathtaking views and a peaceful atmosphere perfect for a relaxing picnic or a refreshing hike.

The park also has several pavilions, grill areas, and bike trails for visitors to enjoy. The abundance of nature and fresh air make this destination a must-visit for tourists and locals alike, seeking a break from city life. Overall, Minnehaha Falls Park is a hidden gem of Minneapolis, providing a natural and scenic escape for anyone seeking an adventure or simply a serene moment in nature.

2. Just a Walk in the Theodore Wirth Park

Theodore Wirth Park is a prominent attraction in Minneapolis, Minnesota that boasts a wide array of leisure activities that cater to outdoor enthusiasts. This 759-acre park is made up of a variety of landscapes ranging from dense forest to open grasslands, which accommodates various sightseeing and recreational offers all year round.

The park features a massive swimming beach, a stable equine center, hiking trails for all levels of experience, a golf course with luxurious grass that is nothing short of spectacular, and a modern biking center. Visitors to Theodore Wirth Park can experience miles of bike trails that lead to embracing countryside, with smooth paved roads and off-road trails that provide even more serene adventures.

The park is indisputably one of the best urban green recreational spots in Minneapolis and a must-visit for outdoor enthusiasts looking to experience nature at its finest.

3. Come Nearby and Experience Minneopa State Park

Minneopa State Park is a beautiful natural attraction located in the heart of Minnesota. This stunning park showcases an array of impressive features, including spectacular waterfalls, lush grass forests, and fascinating wildlife.

Visitors can take a leisurely hike on one of the many scenic trails, explore the park’s mesmerizing waterfalls, or simply relax on a manicured lawn and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

The park is also well-known for its abundant wildlife, which includes coyotes, gray foxes, minks, and white-tailed deer among others. Birdwatchers will enjoy the variety of species that can be spotted in the park, including hawks, eagles, and a range of waterfowl. Overall, Minneopa State Park is a must-visit destination near me in Minneapolis just like Weed Man is a must use lawn care company for anyone looking to immerse themselves in Minnesota’s stunning natural scenery.

4. Summer Fun at the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area

The Mississippi National River and Recreation Area, located near me in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a 72-mile-long park offering an abundance of picturesque landscapes and recreational opportunities. As one of the premier outdoor destinations in the region, the park welcomes thousands of visitors each year who come to enjoy hiking, fishing, boating, and bird watching, among other activities. It is a federally maintained park, and it is home to a variety of plant and animal species that are unique to the area.

Dubbed America’s “Great River Road,” the park offers visitors stunning views of the Mississippi River and its surrounding landscape, including the confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers.

Its beauty and variety of habitats are a testament to the city’s commitment to preserving its natural heritage while providing a sanctuary for both residents and tourists. The park is truly a natural treasure, and it is sure to inspire visitors of all ages and interests.

5. Lake Nokomis Park My Personal Favorite Biking Destination

Lake Nokomis Park is one of the premier outdoor recreation destinations in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Situated just a few miles south of downtown, this park offers visitors multiple opportunities for outdoor activities like swimming, fishing, and boating. The beautiful lake is surrounded by trails ideal for hiking, cycling, and jogging, and the park also boasts a number of sports fields and playgrounds for families and sports enthusiasts.

Whether you’re looking to indulge in some quiet contemplation or you want to experience some pulse-pounding fun in the sun, Lake Nokomis Park is definitely one of the must-visit destinations in the Minneapolis area.

With a rich natural landscape and top-notch amenities, it’s no surprise that Lake Nokomis Park is a beloved attraction for locals and visitors alike.

Minneapolis is a true gem in the Midwest, offering lush green parks, scenic trails, and natural beauty that’s hard to find in any other major city. From the urban oasis of the Chain of Lakes to the rugged landscapes of the Mississippi River Gorge, there’s something for everyone in this city.

With its diverse range of natural attractions near me, Minneapolis is an excellent year-round destination for outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking a break from the bustling city life.

It’s no wonder it’s often referred to as the City of Lakes – a place where nature and cityscapes blend together seamlessly.

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