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California's drought required everyone to conserve water, which left many lawns looking drab. As a result, many homeowners have made the switch to artificial turf in Claremont. Indeed, artificial turf is a wise decision for your savings account and for your pocketbook, as well as for the environment! This is not to make the case that artificial turf is perfect or that it is even better than natural grass. Ultimately, it depends on the individual.

One of the main complaints about artificial turf is that it holds too much heat. Also, natural grass provides a natural habitat for many species of insects and microorganisms that are vital to the environment. Additionally, some artificial turf has been known not to soak up water and have drainage problems. Celestinos Artificial Turf would like you to know that we have solved these problems for you. With our smart turf products, we have solutions that can cool your artificial lawn significantly. Further, drainage will not be an issue for your lawn when you use our artificial turf products.

Should I Use Artificial Turf in Claremont?

With artificial turf in Claremont, you might miss the softness and smell of fresh grass in your yard, but other than that, you will discover that atificial turf is very close to real grass. In fact, most people won't be able to tell the difference unless they touch it. You'll love that your grass has a clean, manicured look all year long without any hard work or maintenance required. Sure, the nostalgia of a grass lawn can leave you longing for your own, but maybe your monthly water bill will persuade you to go artificial!

Artificial Turf Will Save You Money

On average, Claremont residents save $40 to $50 each month when they make the switch to artificial turf. This is largely because they no longer have to run their sprinklers or water their grass. Further, many Claremont residents save an additional $50 to $150 a month by using artificial grass because they no longer have to pay someone to mow, weed, and care for their lawns. If you add that up over the course of a year, you could probably pay for a big portion of the expense of buying and installing artificial turf!

It could pay off in the long rung to think long and hard about which landscaping solution is best for you. Artificial turf isn't for everyone, but those who use it will usually rave about the many benefits that they enjoy because of it. Be sure to choose your artificial turf products from a company like Celestinos Artificial Turf because, many times, artificial turf is not recyclable. We are proud to sell recyclable products, as Celestinos Artificial Turf is a responsible company, doing our part each day to protect our environment and our planet.


In the meantime, you may contact us directly to speak with a professional about selecting and installing artificial turf in Claremont. Give us a call.

artificial turf Claremont
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artificial turf claremont, artificial turf Claremont, Lawn Care Service Minneapolis
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