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Commercial Lawn Care MinneapolisHow can I improve the look and strength of my lawn?
There are different ways to add to the aesthetic appeal of your lawn. An example is organic lawn dressing. Organic lawn dressing is the usage of organic compost to add beneficial microorganisms and nutrients to the soil on your lawn. This ultimately adds strength to the root system, building up the overall look and durability of your lawn. Our professional topdressing program can provide significant and longlasting improvement in a mere two weeks!
Another method is overseeding. Overseeding is the addition of grass directly into an existing lawn. It is done without the unnecessary step of tearing up your lawn. This method can fill in bare areas, improve the thickness, and add color enhancement to your lawn. However, it is important to know whether your lawn will or will not benefit from this method. Our Weed Man professionals can help determine whether overseeding is right for you or if another, more extensive tactic is in order.
Both of these methods work alongside core aeration. Core aeration involves the creation of holes in the ground in order to allow water, air, and nutrients to seep down to the roots. Core aeration also relieves soil compaction. Soil compaction is an unnecessary and potentially dangerous type of soil degradation that could, if untreated, develop into soil erosion and affect growth in your lawn. 
How do I control weeds on my lawn?
You may notice unwanted plants such as crabgrass showing up in your lawn. There are ways to prevent weeds and get rid of already existing weeds. There are various weed control products that can be regularly utilized to eliminate weeds, but it is vital that you know how to use them, how much product to apply, and the type of product necessary for the species of weed. This requires the ability to properly identify the weed. Proper mowing tactics are also important. The mowing needs of different types of grass differ, so it is imperative that you understand the category of your grass in order to keep it at its ideal height as a good tactic for weed prevention. All this is must be paired with proper watering techniques.
Our weed control programs allow for easy weed removal and prevention. It is done by trained and certified professionals and our products are animal and kid-friendly.
How do I deal with insects on my lawn?
Some insects, such as cinch bugs and cutworks may eat your plants and cause a great deal of destruction to your lawn. There are a plethora of products to assist in getting rid of these insects, just like there are for weeds. But, in order to use these exterminators, you must have the ability to determine the type of insect causing the damage. You also need to know the insect’s lifecycle, as some may only be limited during certain parts of their lifetime.
Our trained and licensed professionals have the knowledge to safely and effectively eradicate bugs using our insect control program. Commercial Lawn Care Minneapolis
Lawn Care Minneapolis
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