Commercial Lawn Care Services Minneapolis
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Commercial Lawn Care Services Minneapolis

Commercial Lawn Care Services Minneapolis

Commercial Lawn Care Services Minneapolis

Our Commercial Lawn Care Services are offered by the professionals partnering with a leading Lawn Care of the Twin Cities provider 612-405-2660. The company is owned and operated locally. We offer a kid/pet safe approach limiting your liability for tenant or residence concern, with our fertilizing & weed-control products.  We offer the highest integrity and focus like a laser on the top shelf quality lawn care products applied by licensed lawn care technicians.

We look at not how quickly we can treat every Commercial Lawn Care customers lawns or properties, but how well we can treat and take care of your turf while we are there walking on the property. With our commercial lawn care services Minneapolis, we treat your commercial properties like it is our own! 

Why choose the Lawn Care Minneapolis crew for your Property Management Company?


Our Commercial Lawn Care service professionals are proud to serve its Minneapolis and St. Paul metro Commercial clients by only using the best of the best effective and efficient fertilizer and weed control option, as well as insect and disease control. Whether you are having service for your business, townhome association, condo’s, church or farm, Weed Man can take care of your commercial lawn care needs. Our time tested Extended ultra-release granular fertilizer blend contains, slow-release ingredients providing a “time released” recommended daily serving for your Commercial Lawn Care needs.


We will always treat the weeds with the utmost attention each time we are out. We will even back up our work with free reapplications for our full season commercial lawn care customers.   Some weeds require ongoing treatments with control products to bring the proper long term control, this is where  Lawn Care Minneapolis  commercial lawn care department steps up and delivers on its Promises!!


Our team that handles Commercial Lawn Care in Minnesota has unmatched expertise on lawns. Our trained staff includes key champions in the lawn care industry who have earned: PhD, Masters, and multiple other degrees in Soil Science, Agronomy, and Turf Management. Weed Man Minneapolis is proud to have team members sharing their love of lawn care,  knowledge and expertise. We share our knowledge to help you have a better curb appeal, save money on costly lawn care blunders and remove the burden of proper application and product licensing.


Weed Man Lawn Care technician will close gates and replace moved items, including water bowls, lawn furniture, or hose for watering. Technicians will remove granular products off driveways and sidewalks. Lawn Care of the Twin Cities prides itself in respecting of your property.


The MINNEAPOLIS LAWN CARE SUPPORT STAFF PROMISES NEVER TO SELL YOU THINGS THAT WON’T BE OF BENEFIT TO YOUR COMMERCIAL PROPERTY. Our long-standing reputation and that of respect has been earned year in and  year out by following this  highest standard. We will always look out for the welfare of your Commercial Lawn Care Minnesota, as well as your pocket-book.


Making a call to us in Minneapolis and St. Paul, you can typically talk to a live person who can assist with any needs you may want addressed. WE VALUE OUR CUSTOMERS FEEDBACK AND WOULD ALWAYS LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! Our reception team Jared,Will , plus Jess , and Steve will be available from 8:30-4:00pm to answer any questions you may have.


Our Minneapolis Lawn Care offices are part of an international organization that prides itself on its professionalism and how we communicate effectively with our commercial lawn care customers. Lawn Care Minneapolis Commercial division is a friendly, responsible, trustworthy team serving you, our most treasured assets. What this means for you is a greener lawn and more importantly piece of mind.

Get your Minnesota Commercial Lawn Care quote today!  Call our lawn care team for your commercial lawn care today 612-405-2660 

Additional Commercial Lawn Care Services beyond fertilization and weed control of your Minneapolis Property could include things like an organic top dressing which is a micro pellet earth nutrients, composted plant material and maneur. It is the color of dirt and peletized so it is very hard to see when applied, however it has a great fertilizer effect and contains micro nutrients not found in traditional fertilization.

Aeration is one of the most effective things you can do to increase micro biological organisms to break down the thatch layer of the lawn, naturally. In addition aeration effectively lowers the lawns water table and increases available yard water and air and allows it access to the grass’ root system.

Aeration is often combined with overseeding which makes sense. Grass seed needs soil availability in order to germinate more consistently. As the aeration soil plugs break down they cover the seeds that are on the surface and provide the nutrients and coverage to allow for a successful planting. Obviously the seeds that fall between the grass and into the holes have a similar success rate, germinate properly and help fill in the grass throughout your lawn in Minneapolis.

If you are a professional landscaper or mowing company in need of a quality Commercial Lawn Care Services  that can offer professional grade quality fertilization and weed control with a proven track record then you surely need to be in contact with our professional team that can take of  condos, townhomes, Churches, parks, daycares and other properties that are filled with grass.

For Churches, DayCare Locations, and dog parks etc. you will find it additionally comforting that we use kid and pet friendly products at all our commercial properties when we serve all their commercial lawn care needs.

The best thing about this is we can offer the commercial lawn care services quality your customers are looking for. At the same time our relatively environmentally safe products are kid and pet safe, while still able to kill the weeds in your lawn or companies turf. The process to have us sub contract lawn care for your business is fairly simple.

Typically you would supply us all of your commercial contact information, the address of the home, business, town home association, condo complex, church, sports field etc that you would like us to fertilize and treat with weed control, then we can use areal photography to measure the treatable turf to get a good idea of the grass area coverage that is needed. So there is no need not to trust our dependable lawn care professional for all of your Commercial Lawn Care Services.

Trugreen buys Scotts Commercial Lawn Care as well as residential

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The lawn before and after….. What a difference getting professional commercial lawn care service can make!


Generally for Churches and similar type of establishments we can offer referral discounts to church members lawns. The referral discount is a one time $50 per lawn that is added. Therefore large churches can cut hundreds or thousands off the lawn care budget by promoting our service to its members. Call 612-405-2660 and speak to one of our managers to find out how the discount works.

As a business owner in Minneapolis, you’re no stranger to the importance of maintaining a professional image. From the color scheme of your logo to the cleanliness of your storefront, every aspect of your business should exude a sense of professionalism and attentiveness. However, one area that is often overlooked in the pursuit of maintaining a professional image is the exterior of your business.

Your landscaping is one of the first things that potential customers notice, and if it’s neglected, it can leave a negative impression. That’s why commercial lawn care is such an essential aspect of managing a successful Minneapolis business.

A well-manicured lawn communicates to potential customers that you care about your business and the environment it’s situated in. It shows that you’re invested in providing a professional and pleasant atmosphere for all who visit. Additionally, regular lawn maintenance can help prevent pest infestations and minimize the risk of slip and fall accidents on your property. But, as a busy business owner, you may not have the time or

1. Enhances the Professional Image of the Business

Maintaining a professional image is vital for any business, and having a well-maintained commercial lawn is one of the many ways to enhance that image. The exterior of a business is often the first thing a potential customer sees, and a manicured lawn portrays a positive and professional image. A well-maintained lawn shows that the business owner cares about the appearance of their property and takes pride in their business. This image can also drive more customers to the business as it suggests that the same level of professionalism is upheld in all aspects of the business. Additionally, a neat and much cared-for lawn can project a sense of calm and relaxation to employees or visitors, further promoting a positive image for the business. Therefore, commercial lawn care plays an essential role in creating a professional image for a business, which can have a positive effect on its reputation and ultimately its bottom line.

2. Keeps Pests and Weeds Under Control

One of the main reasons why commercial lawn care is so important for businesses in Minneapolis is that it helps keep pests and weeds under control. Pests and weeds are not only unsightly, but they can also damage the appearance and health of the lawn. Commercial lawn care professionals have the knowledge and tools to identify and prevent pests and weeds from overrunning the lawn. By controlling these unwanted invaders, businesses can maintain a healthy and attractive landscape that not only enhances the aesthetic value of the property, but also contributes to a safe and comfortable environment for employees, customers and visitors. Overall, investing in commercial lawn care services is a wise decision for businesses looking to maintain a high-quality landscape that is free from pests and weeds.

3. Promotes a Healthy and Green Lawn

Having a lush, healthy lawn is not only visually pleasing but also a reflection of an eco-friendly and sustainable business establishment. A poorly maintained lawn can not only compromise the aesthetic value of a property, but it can also lead to serious environmental problems such as soil erosion, water runoff, and weed and pest infestations. This is why commercial lawn care services are especially important for businesses in Minneapolis. Professional lawn care services can efficiently and effectively maintain a healthy and green lawn by providing essential services such as soil testing, fertilization, weed control, and pest management. Such services are designed to promote a healthy environment and ensure that your business looks professional and presentable to your customers, guests, and employees. By investing in commercial lawn care services, you can create a beautiful and welcoming outdoor space that can boost your business’s image and improve the overall health and sustainability of the local community.

4. Increases Property Value

One of the important benefits of commercial lawn care, particularly in Minneapolis, is that it increases the overall property value. An expertly maintained lawn with lush green grass, trimmed edges, and pruned trees and shrubs projects an attractive and professional image to customers and employees alike. Well-maintained external environments are an essential component of any organization’s branding efforts as they are typically the first visual contact that potential customers have with your business.

More importantly, a well-maintained lawn can also indicate that the property is well-maintained and that the business owner takes pride in their business surroundings. This positive first impression can lead to increased customer engagement and ultimately, more successful business ventures. Additionally, with the astronomical costs of real estate in Minneapolis, landscaping is becoming increasingly significant in ensuring property values remain high.

5. Maintains Aesthetic Appeal of the Surroundings

Maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the surroundings is one of the primary reasons why commercial lawn care is so important for businesses in Minneapolis. Customers expect an attractive and well-kept exterior space when they visit a business, as it gives them a positive first impression of the company.

A well-groomed lawn and landscape not only enhances the visual appeal of the property but also reflects positively on the overall image of the business. This can be especially important in highly competitive industries or when businesses have nearby competitors.

Additionally, a messy or unkempt lawn can signal a lack of care or attention to detail, which can turn away potential customers. Therefore, investing in commercial lawn care services can help businesses maintain an attractive and inviting exterior space, ultimately attracting more customers and enhancing their brand image.

The aesthetic appeal of a well-maintained lawn is a powerful advantage for any business in Minneapolis. But beyond that, there are practical reasons why commercial lawn care is important. It can help create a safe and welcoming environment for customers and employees. It can also help with pest and weed control, preventing potential health hazards. Additionally, regular lawn maintenance can add value to the business by boosting its curb appeal, and thereby making it more attractive to potential customers. Taking care of the lawn may seem like a small detail, but it can have a big impact on the overall success and reputation of a business in Minneapolis.

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