Lawn Care Minneapolis, Why to choose us for quality!  Lawn Care Minneapolis, Lawn Care Service Minneapolis, Lawn Care Service MinneapolisWhy to choose us for quality! Lawn Care Minneapolis
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Lawn Care Minneapolis, Why to choose us for quality!  Lawn Care Minneapolis, Lawn Care Service Minneapolis, Lawn Care Service Minneapolis

Why to choose us for quality! Lawn Care Minneapolis


The Lawn Care Minneapolis Story


Our Lawn Care Minneapolis branch was started over 10 years ago now.


Beginning in 1970 our franchise partner  took Lawn Care and has grown from its humble grass roots into an international network of locally owned and operated lawn care businesses. By providing healthy lawn care services that produce lush green lawns for homeowners in America, we can create trust and lovely lawns.

While our services began with Weed Control, today with our lawn care system for Minneapolis is 2nd to none. Our healthy lawn care programs and services focus on a well-balanced, high quality fertilization program first. This  in turn produces the thickest healthiest lawn possible. A well rooted thick, lush healthy lawn is the best defense against all potential pest and weed problems in Minneapolis. Other services such as over-seeding, and aeration are also offered to maximize the health of our customers’ Minneapolis lawns.

Working together with our customers, our lawn care Minneapolis team guarantees that by utilizing our complete lawn care program in combination with proper watering and mowing you will have a healthier better looking lawn.

There are now more than 100 related lawn care franchisees providing Professional horticultural services across the USA.

The Lawn Care Minneapolis site was created to get the word out about our local  lawn care in Minneapolis to those that may not yet have discovered the quality and wonderful appearance of healthy grass maintained by our franchise partners lawn care service.

We have become the go to, in lawn maintenance Minneapolis and St. Paul thanks to the recommendations and referrals of our great customers.

Our certified lawn care technicians provide responsible, Professional lawncare services to those who need help maintaining healthy surroundings for their families. These include the elderly, the time deprived, and those living in areas that present the kind of horticultural challenges that require specialized personal care.

Our in-house Minneapolis based team has Licensed and Trained Technicians who know how to apply lawn care products at the right time at the right amount.

Lawn Care Minneapolis only uses products that are registered by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Highest Quality Lawn Care in Minneapolis

Our franchise is constantly investing money and resources into researching new products to continually better your Minneapolis lawncare.

Our high standards apply to our attire on the lawn, tools of the trade, as well as products and training. Our lawn care Minneapolis team spends the extra money to get state-of-the-art equipment - then we can maintain it regularly and keeps it clean to run at optimal performance.

Regardless of what product is used for turf care in Minneapolis. We monitor the calibration of our support equipment to make sure that we apply just the right amount, at the right time, safely and effectively.

The best partners for proper lawn care maintenance in Minnesota are knowledgeable customers. For this reason we provide not only the services but also the proper information customers need to keep a lawn healthy. The true value of our lawn care Minneapolis services is realized only when both the company and the customer are doing their part.

Our professional lawn care technicians recommend and perform the right services at the right time and provides the customer with post-treatment instructions. In addition we gather valuable information about proper mowing and watering practices. Many of our customers who continue to use our services year after year have discovered that their lush, green lawn is achieved as a result of their continuous partnership with our Lawn Care Minneapolis team.

Our employees are trained to respect customer’s home and property.

If customers have special needs or concerns we make note of these and ensure they are taken care of.

A knowledgeable customer is a good customer so we will provide any information possible to keep the customer informed to help our lawn products work effectively.

The professionalism of our lawn care, Minneapolis team is an important part in dealing with customers on a daily basis and our image is part of that professionalism.

Customer Service Technician and office staff must be presentable to the customer.

This is one of the most fundamental aspects of Lawn Care in Minneapolis. We want our customers to be proud of hiring us for their lawn care needs.

We want to be the best of the best when it comes to professionalism of our Minneapolis Lawn Care team and our image in the community throughout the Minneapolis and St. Paul Metro areas.


We are proud of the lawn care in Minneapolis that we are able to provide. By working hard, with excellent products we are able to partner with you to make your Minneapolis lawn be healthy, beautiful and green. Arguably, the best lawn care company in Minneapolis. 

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Lawn Care Minneapolis, Why to choose us for quality!  Lawn Care Minneapolis, Lawn Care Service Minneapolis, Lawn Care Service Minneapolis
Lawn Care Minneapolis, Why to choose us for quality!  Lawn Care Minneapolis, Lawn Care Service Minneapolis, Lawn Care Service Minneapolis