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Mosquito Control Minneapolis
Mosquito Control Minneapolis

Mosquito Control Minneapolis

If you live in the Minneapolis, St. Paul area then you know about the pests that ruin every backyard barbeque. Yes, mosquitoes here in Minneapolis is what I am referencing ,people here today need mosquito control services. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources states, 28 mosquito species that can bite humans in Minnesota.

Recent studies show that the mosquito control season is getting longer.

Expert Getting Mosquito’s Under Control

Mosquitos love Minneapolis summers because they are hot and humid. That is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Here are some helpful anti mosquito tips

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Minneapolis Mosquito Control Tips

1.Use a mosquito repellent aid like DEET

2.Take away any containers like buckets, firepits, which may have stagnant water
3. Use sodium lights instead of fluorescent ones
4. Apply repellents and barriers.
5. Wear long sleeved tops and full-length trousers
6. Use a mosquito netting and deck screens

  1. Utilize tiki’s with citronella



Do not forget about your lawn also. Mosquitoes thrive in a Minneapolis lawn with weed-choked grass. They the have a safe hiding place and an amazing supply of food. In these ideal conditions, they are able to  grow and multiply quickly. This rapidly increases the mosquito life cycle availability and increases the Mosquito population in and around Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Minneapolis Mosquito Control – How The Lawn Care Service Minneapolis Team Works

To ensure optimal health and less available real estate for mosquito maturity. Use these tricks to get rid of mosquitos.

  1. Aeration of Your Lawn

Mosquitoes love living in thatch areas of dead grass and dense weed populations. So healthy dense grass is a deterrent for the various species of mosquitoes in Minneapolis. Lawn aeration creates and facilitates the removal of circular cores composed of soil. Aeration can be one of the most beneficial of all lawn practices.  This process will  provide moisture to the various root zones and will remove the mosquito nurturing in the thatch layer of the lawn.

  1. Lawn Fertilization:

A good high quality fertilizer added to the soil can add much needed nutrients in the soil to foster healthy turf grass growth. The lawns will generally be healthier, have a stronger root structure and offer less refuge to the mosquitos in your lawn and their larva.

  1. Insect Treatment:

The next step is taking measures to repel or eliminate the pest directly. This is where a professional lawn and turf expert comes in handy. They are able to professionally apply the correct products at the correct time to curb the mosquito population in your immediate area. This will allow for more backyard barbeques and croquet games to be enjoyed.

Minneapolis Insect Control Service

MosquitoesJapanese Beetles, and Grubs have started to plague the state of Minnesota. They have destroyed beautiful trees and lawns sometimes in days. The traps sadly tend to bring in more beetles then they kill. Grub damage can cause thousands of dollars to repair, and mosquitoes breed like wildflowers. To combat this Weed Man Lawn Care offers comprehensive insect control that kills Asian Beetles, Japanese Beetles, Junebugs and Mosquitoes.

To combat this Weed Man Lawn Care your Minneapolis Lawn Care Team offers comprehensive insect control that kills Asian Beetles, Japanese Beetles, Junebugs, Mosquitoes, Ticks and Fleas. As well as a grub application that kills the eggs of beetles and similar pest.



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