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A strata housing complex has different types of residents in the uniform structures. Most of them will inevitably have special requests for their landscaping. They will want their yard to reflect their persona while making a mark among the uniformity, despite the small sizes of the yard.

Stratas has terraced patios that are too small for in-ground Burnabyminster landscaping. Award-winning strata landscaping companies in Burnaby understand that small spaces still have a welcoming respite from other townhouses. Use the following strategies to evaluate how the prospective landscaper delivered residential lawn and garden services in Burnaby and the most likely outcome of your project.

Best ideas for strata landscaping


Incorporating color is one way of adding a wow factor to the environment. A delightful combination of colors has a dramatic boost on the curb and adds personality to each house. Blooming plants that change color in seasons is an exciting way of diversifying the complexes while making the area look larger. Another guiding rule is to place bold, bright colors at the front because they demand attention.

Careful hardscaping

A common gripe about strata landscaping companies in Burnaby is ignoring the importance of softer textures. While patios, walkways, and steps are fascinating depths, they may make the area look dull and boring. Terra Firma will take advantage of the plain canvas to highlight textures that recreate the feel of a retreat instead of a parking lot while simplifying the Strata landscape and property maintenance.

Plant and room sizes

Paying attention to the size of the plant is particularly important when working on a small space such as the balconies of condominiums. We make sure that the chosen varieties of shrubs or trees do not overshadow the selected area. In essence, a large shrub will quickly dominate the landscape and infringe on the building’s architectural details.

Some dwarf size plants are better for townhouse structures because they stand out in an area with limited greenery. A landscape professional knows how to balance the exact space with all the preferred and available plants. Additionally, ask for pictures about previous strata landscaping projects to make smart choices of plant types and design styles.

One way of containing small plants is by using large containers to keep them in an upright position around a sunny corner. Another way is by layering hanging baskets across the wall or inserting a hanging garden. Features like an arbor, pergola, or lattice transform a space to make it welcoming and grand with limited horizontal spaces.


Layers of plant materials have staggering heights and sizes that give the space a unique look. Hiring professional strata landscaping companies in Burnaby is the best way of creating a complicated natural layout.


Strata backyards do not always have enough privacy. The right choice of plants should save space while creating a layer of blocks from prying eyes.

A trellis offers extreme privacy while enhancing the aesthetics of the building. Flowering plants like clematis have partial shades, which provide both coverage and full-sun backyards. We know how to center the plant with decorative pots to maximize their effect along the length of each strata property. Work with us to understand lawn maintenance for strata and the options of the landscape architecture.

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