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Ticks, Ants, Mosquitoes OH MY!

Ticks, Ants, Mosquitoes OH MY!

Mosquitoes MN

Ticks MN

Ants MN

Oh MY!

Hello this is Jess, I have a confession to make:    All: Hi Jess

I am hooked on the Insect Control from Weed Man Lawn Care of the Twin Cities. My story is I live in Lakeville, MN. The home I purchased a few years ago was full of wooded area and I basically had no lawn in the backyard. I had DK Companies landscape come in and clear most of the woods and create a way to carry most rainwater around my house. So now I have a fantastic park like backyard. The neighbors  house to the north has a mini rain water run off area for our entire block and is a major mosquito and other insect breeding ground and source of many of our neighbor hood insect woes. This issue of Insects is a thing that all Minneapolis and St. Paul people face at some level. The main problem mosquitoes; the darnMinnesota mosquito was the number one problem for me and my home as well as ticks and some ants. Weed Man was able to allow me to reclaim my backyard and I am so pleased with the performance of there product. I would try to use my deck and I would get probably a bite a minute not counting all the mosquitoesthat I would swat away every few seconds.

I have a friend that has Lyme disease here in Minnesota and it can be very painful; and being a parent of four children I am very protective of my kids. The other disease that is in the news all the time called the West Nile Virus which is carried by mosquitoes and now has reached Minnesota, scares me that my kids or wife could simply get a bug bite and then catch this horrible thing. I know the odds may not be good of that happening but why would I not spend a little bit of money to increase the enjoyment of my beautifulMinnesota yard and being able to have a barbecue without amosquito bite every few minutes? Why wouldn’t I want to protect my children and my wife in my own backyard from the ravishes ofMinnesota Mosquitoes and blood sucking, Lyme disease carrying ticksand those darn ants trying to eat my picnic food and infiltrating myMN domicile I call home.

In conclusion if you have ticks, ants, Japanese beetles, fleas or want those MN Mosquitoes taken care of do what I did and haveMinneapolis MN Weed Man Lawn Care treat for mosquitoes, ticksand ants in my yard. I give Weed Man a 5 Star Rating!!!


*Jess does currently work for the local Eagan, MN Weed Man Office, however his opinion is based off his personal story of how his backyard was reclaimed.

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