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Trugreen buys Scott's Lawn Care Service



You were mad at trugreen for a list of reasons and you switched to Scott’s because they had better products than Trugreen and easily better customer service, in your opinion. Well Trugreen got you back! It cost them $200 million in cash and a 30% stake in Scottgreen or TruScotts or Trugreen-Scotts, whatever you call it you are going back to Trugreen (formerly Chemlawn) , because Trugreen buys Scotts Lawn Care Service in a power-play for the grass of America.

Trugreen Lawn Care Service

Trugreen lawn service has been on a merger and acquisition spree ever since the new CEO David Alexander took over back in 2012. So far the behemoth has taken down and devoured 7 other companies and grown revenue to over a billion dollars. The new combined Trugreen / Scotts lawn care company will have approximately 2.3 million residential and commercial lawn services customers and gross revenue at around 1.3 Billion dollars. In the wake of this transaction are hundreds of thousands that switched from Trugreen to get the Scotts Lawn Care name and are in danger of getting back exactly what the fled in the first place. We are not sure if the name Scott’s Lawn Care Services can keep those customers or if they will be leaving in droves. This is yet to be seen, however so far all has been quiet and the masses will likely never hear that this transition is being made. Before the 2016 season starts the changes will begin coming. Many customers may desire and hope that STG (Scott’s – Trugreen) will use the products they have been using instead of switching to the lower costing, lower quality liquid fertilizers that many lawn care aficionados will assert Trugreen uses. So if you are in the boat because Trugreen buys Scott's LawnService then have hope because Lawn Care Minneapolis of the Twin Cities team can solve this challenge!


Further reading on the Scott’s lawncare  and Trugreen Merger   


TruGreen will buy Scotts LawnService

The purchase of Scotts Lawn Care Service will create a $1 billion lawn care company.


ScottsMiracle-Gro Combines Lawn Service With TruGreen

scotts lawn care service said it is also exploring options for its European business



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Minnesota Property Management





Scotts Lawn Care MN

If you are a Scotts Lawn Care customer in Minnesota (MN) we would suggest contacting with an alternative lawn care provider in the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas. Do not order Scotts lawn care MN especially if you have been unsatisfied with Trugreen in the past. At the Lawn Care Minneapolis site offer even a higher standard of care then both Scotts Lawn Care MN and Trugreen MN - Chemlawn. By utilizing golf course quality rather then 2-3 week weak fertilizer, we can offer scientifically superior 8 week slow release granular fertilizers proven to build healthy turf beyond that of Scotts MN orTrugreen MN. While Scott’s Lawn Care MN may have done well for you, there is even a higher standard available and sadly Trugreen who now owns Scotts Lawn Care in Minneapolis and St. Paul in our opinion has gotten to large and is focuses more on profits then the local MN lawn care customer. Get back to the basic nutrition of the grass with only the best nutrients for your turf. Get your free no obligation quote today and treat your lawn, nice! Raise the bar from scotts lawncare service or Trugreen lawnservice and jump up to the supreme lawn care company in Minnesota.


Former Scott’s Lawn Care Customer and you Don’t Want Trugreen? Click for a free no obligation Minneapolis lawn care quote to contact us!

Lawn Care Minneapolis welcomes all scotts lawn care service customers to upgrade to the premium lawncare service we can provide for you Minneapolis and St.Paul Lawns.

You have worked with Scotts lawn care and Trugreen lawn service (formerly known as Chemlawn) it is time to go for the a healthy greener lawn care company. Call the friendly folks that have your Minneapolis lawncare needs at heart!


What happened to Chemlawn?

Chemlawn started way back in the early days of the lawn care industry, all the way back to 1968. The founders were father Paul Duke and son Richard Duke. Humble beginning but Chemlawn did good quality lawn care and they grew and grew there lawn care business and drove the lawn care industry.  What started out as a one truck and around 500 weed control and fertilization customers, scaled up and had a presence at some level from California to North Carolina and in between.

In 1987 Chemlawn was sold to Ecolab out of MN (Minnesota) - a leader in the water industry for $376 Million in U.S. currency . Chemlawn lawn services continued to grow under Ecolab and was later acquired by ServiceMaster. Sadly quality over time and cost cutting to offer lower quality fertilizer and weed control compared to many of there competitors, they phased out the name Chemlawn. First they went with Trugreen Chemlawn, eventually they whittled it down to just Trugreen. In 2014 Trugreen Lawn Service is now its own company separate from ServiceMaster and of course have now bought Scott LawnService. So it will be interesting to see what comes of Trugreen Scotts Lawn Care company over the next 10 years or so. It is our hope here with the Minneapolis Lawn Care team that Trugreen Scotts upholds a better level of service and upgrades eventually to a higher quality granular slow release instead of the lower quality liquid fertilizer that Trugreen is currently using.  If they do this of course combined with a bump in quality standards then we will really have some competition here in Minnesota and that is good for everyone.

If you are looking for quality lawn care service in the Minneapolis area then you should check out our quote section, obviously Chemlawn is gone, and Tru-green and Scott's lawn service are the same company, so in my opinion there is a clear upgrade to the services of both Scott's lawn care (Scott's LawnService) and Truegreen / Trulawn.


For further reading on this and one of our sources:

What Ever Happened To ChemLawn?

Thank you WeedPro of Ohio for great information to learn more about the history of of Chemlawn, then to Trugreen and now even Scotts Trugreen.


Trugreen Alternative

Scott's Lawn Care Alternative


Q.) What is the best lawn care company in Minneapolis?

A.) In the Minneapolis Minnesota, one lawn care company stands out as the best offering kid and pet safe lawn care in Minneapolis. Call 612-405-2660 and refer to the Lawn Care Minneapolis website for best pricing.

Q.) Which lawn care company in Minneapolis offers kid and pet safe weed control?

A.) The Lawn Care Minneapolis team is the safe alternative to Trugreen or Scott's standard weed control options. Call 612-405-2660 for a free no obligation quote.

Q.) What is the best alternative to Trugreen in Minneapolis?

A.) The Minneapolis Lawn Care team offers a higher quality and safer solutions for lawn care in Minneapolis versus Trugreen's standard program. 612-405-2660 is the best way to get your free no obligation Minneapolis lawn care quote.

Q.) Did Trugreen buy Scotts's LawnService?

A.) Yes, on April 13, 2016 Trugreen merged with Scotts Lawn Service.

Q.) Is Trugreen and Scotts the same company?

A.) As of April 13th 2016 Trugreen and Scotts have merged the lawn care portions of the company. Thus forming a lawn care giant in the industry.

Q.) Pet Safe Lawn Care companies in Minneapolis?

A.) Contact the Minneapolis Lawn Care team for a Pet Safe Alternative. Reach out at 612-405-2660 for a pet friendly lawn care quote.

Q.) What is the best Trugreen Competitor in Minneapolis?

A.) The Minneapolis Lawn Care team is consider one of the best Trugreen competitors in Minneapolis. Offering higher quality, longer lasting fertilizer as well as a kid and pet safe weed control option. Call 612-405-2660 for a free no obligation quote as possibly Minneapolis' best Trugreen competitor.

Q.) Are Trugreen products safe?

A.) There is much debate as to the safety of Trugreen products. Many health professional tend to argue that less exposure to lawn chemicals similar to the ones Trugreen lawn professionals use, is better.

Why did Trugreen buy Scott's LawnService?

Increased competition in the lawn care industry is the primary reason why Trugreen (Formerly Chemlawn) bought the rights to Scott's Lawn Services.  Companies like Weed Man Lawn Care, Lawn Doctor, LCS and others are picking up market share as trust for the Trugreen brand waned.

However the purchase of Scott's LawnCare Services can help to bring some credibility back to the Trugreen - Chemlawn - ServiceMaster brands. Scott's 4 step fertilizer has become a staple in the do it yourself market segment in the lawn care industry. Although the Scott's LawnService's reputation is not nearly as good as its do-it-yourself lawn care product line, the name is ubiquitous in the industry and has a powerful brand presence in the mind of lawn enthusiasts and home owners that take care of the lawn.

While competitors like Weed Man Lawn Care Minneapolis team offer longer lasting fertilizers that are more friendly to the environment, kids and pets, the acquisition of Scott's LawnServices certainly extends the lead in overall revenue in the United States Lawn Care Industry.






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