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Organic Lawn Dressing

Get Superior Results With Weed Man Minneapolis’ Organic Top Dressing Service

Organic Lawn Dressing Service

Weed Man Minneapolis offers an Organic Top Dressing Service that is designed to provide superior results for your lawn. The top dressing service is based on the application of an organic soil amendment to the surface of your lawn. This organic soil amendment, which is composed of natural materials such as compost, peat moss, and manure, has been designed to deliver essential nutrients to your soil and grass, increasing the health and vitality of your lawn.

The Organic Top Dressing Service is a great way to enhance the health of your lawn, improve drainage, and reduce soil compaction. Our lawn technicians will apply a pre-determined amount of soil amendment over the entire lawn surface. This top dressing will help to micro aerate the lawn and promote the growth of the grass roots. After the top dressing has been completed, Weed Man Minneapolis recommends that you continue to maintain a regular fertilizing schedule to promote healthy grass growth.

Organic top dressing is beneficial for many reasons. Not only does it improve the overall health of the lawn by providing important nutrients, but it also offers a degree of weed control. As the soil amendment is applied to the surface, it will help to suppress weeds that are growing in the lawn.

Weed Man Minneapolis is committed to providing superior results for your lawn with our Organic Top Dressing Service. By applying an organic soil treatment to the surface of your lawn, you can improve the health and vitality of your grass and add micro-nutrients to the lawn that may be depleted. Contact us today to learn more about how our Organic Top Dressing Service can help you get superior results.

More on the Benefits of Organic Lawn Dressing

Weed Man Minneapolis’ Organic Top Dressing Service offers many advantages to homeowners. Applying a top dressing to your lawn can improve the look and feel of your grass, while also providing many benefits that can’t be seen.

As mentioned before Organic Top Dressing improves soil quality, improving the ability to absorb moisture and nutrients. It can also reduce compaction and improve drainage, helping to ensure the health of your lawn. In addition, the organic material helps to aerate the soil, enabling it to better absorb water, oxygen and nutrients, resulting in a healthier and more robust lawn.

Additional Programs

Weed Man Minneapolis doesn’t just offer top dressing services, they also have a variety of other programs available to help keep your yard in prime condition. These programs include kid and pet safe fertilizations and weed control, as well as specialized treatments for grubs and other pests.

Don’t Forget our Mosquito Hero Program!

All programs are tailored to meet the exact needs of your lawn and are backed by Weed Man’s Expert Care Promise.

With organic top dressings, Weed Man Minneapolis can help your lawn look its best, while also helping to preserve the environment in the process.


is a great way to turn an average lawn into a lush, green landscape. Our Minneapolis Organic Top Dressing Service includes overseeding as an essential part of the package. T

he organic top dressing helps to promote ideal seedling survival, giving your lawn a healthier, denser, and thicker look.

This service also helps to minimize weed growth while promoting nutrient-rich soil. Overall, this ensures that your turf is properly taken care of and will give you the results you’re looking for.

Contact Information

For more information on Weed Man Minneapolis’ Organic Top Dressing service, please contact us at 612-405-2660

We proudly serve the Minneapolis area and would be more than happy to discuss our Organic Top Dressing service with you. Get a Lawn Care Quote


Weed Man Minneapolis’ organic top dressing service is an excellent way to get superior results for your lawn. Not only will you reap the benefits of organic lawn care, you will also have access to additional programs and overseeding services to ensure your lawn gets the best possible care.

If you’re interested in learning more about Weed Man Minneapolis’ organic top dressing services, don’t hesitate to contact them for more information.


With Weed Man’s superior results and excellent customer service, you can be sure that your lawn will be well taken care of throughout the year.

A Weed Man MN professional can show you how quickly results can be seen (generally two weeks) and the long-lasting improvements in your lawn’s color and thickness with an organic lawn dressing service.

Organic Top Dressing Rate of Application

Weed Man MN’s top dressing program is applied at a rate of 50 to 70 lbs per 1,000 square feet generally. However, it may vary based on the lawn or environmental needs. Thus, delivering the ideal amount of nutrients without smothering the grass. Superior results are achieved when top dressing is applied in conjunction with Weed Man Minneapolis, MN’s other lawn care programs including fertilization, weed control and core aeration.

Overseeding may also be included to further improve your lawn’s and can be used in conjunction with core aeration to increase density.  We do not overseed without aeration.

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