How Minneapolis Lawn Care Helps You Breathe Easy?
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How Minneapolis Lawn Care Helps You Breathe Easy?

How Minneapolis Lawn Care Helps You Breathe Easy?

Breathe Easy Minneapolis; How Lawn Care Helps You ?


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Lawn Respiration and the Benefits of Healthy Grass

Why do so many may take lawn care in Minneapolis for granted? There are good reasons to make sure your yard is properly mowed and treated. Across the United States of America, there are 30 million or more acres of lawns. These lawns play a crucial role providing a play area for the kids, a place to have a picnic, and soft places to walk around barefoot. While all these benefits alone are enough to recommend you maintain your Minneapolis lawn care season. There are other important reasons that you should consider when thinking about the benefits of grass.

What is Natural Grass?

Although you may know about natural grass from your own experience. Many do not know that the grasses seen on lawns today have been developed over the centuries. These grasses have been “created” through hybridization techniques. This means that the grass has been selected over time and developed to ensure that it grows as evenly and thick as possible to help reduce weeds via scientific processes.

So, the grasses in your lawn are really not a native natural varieties. However these varieties were cultivated and refined over time.  While the grass was developed primarily for its aesthetic qualities and its winter heartiness, today the grasses that are found in your yard in Minneapolis contribute to the environment in many different beneficial ways.

What is Lawn Respiration?

It may seem a little odd to think that grass breathes, but in the sense that it absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. The grass in your lawn acts in concert with mammals, birds, and humans in how we breathe in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. The more grass available, the more oxygen it provides for you, your family and pets.

That’s why keeping your lawn healthy is so important. Minneapolis lawn care efforts should be directed at keeping your grasses green and healthy. In thhis way it improves the respiration process. However, there are other important benefits as well.

What are Some of the Benefits of Grass?

There are many benefits to the air, soil, and water in Minneapolis when lawns are properly cared for, so they can do their job. Your front and back yards are part of an important ecosystem that helps support life in your community.

Reduce Soil Erosion:

A properly cared for lawn means that the soil underneath is protected from elements of erosion such as wind and precipitation. Open patches of soil are vulnerable to being eroded through the forces of nature. A healthy lawn protects the soil underneath which in turn helps protect the health and wellbeing of the surrounding air.

While the Dust Bowl days in the southern plains during the 1930s demonstrated the extreme erosion caused by unprotected soil, even small amounts of soil that escapes may be detrimental to your lawn. Proper protection of the soil does more than create a healthy-looking lawn, it means that the soil on your property stays put.

Maintains Air Quality:

Grass not only provides oxygen, it also helps clean the air of pollutants. That’s why lawn care in Minneapolis is an important part of the overall purity of the air itself. Clean, breathable air means that the pollutants have been reduced by the grass so that you can breathe easier in more ways than one.

It is estimated that in the US grass traps about 12 million tons of dirt and dust that has been released into the atmosphere. That’s 12 million tons which is not going into your lungs which creates a better environment for everyone. The dust and dirt particles are trapped on the leaves of the grass and work their way into the soil usually by rainfall or watering your lawn. In addition to dust and dirt are other unwanted particles such as smoke and pollutants which are also trapped in the grass.

Flood Control:

One of the biggest issues for neighborhoods in the Minneapolis area is proper flood control. Especially around areas with creeks and streams running through the area. Hard surfaces such as roads, driveways, sidewalks, and even patios tend to move the water during a rainstorm. Unfortunately it then collects in areas it shouldn’t. Grasses provide a natural flood control where the water’s movement on the surface is more limited and gets absorbed into the soil.

This means that your lawn reduces the chances of flash flooding from occurring during hard rain storms which may save lives. When the grass is properly taken care of on your lawn, it provides a natural control to flood water which lessens its effect and protects people and property in your neighborhood.

Reduces Temperatures:

Your lawn will reflect more sunlight compared to urban roadways. This means a considerable reduction of the temperature during the hot summer months. By adding 10% more space for green grass, it can reduce the temperature by upwards of 7 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that more green grass in the Minneapolis area will reduce the effect of urban hot spots. In turn it will provide cooler, more comfortable air for everyone.

Purifies Water:

The water that goes into your lawn not only provides the ability for the grass to stay alive, but it also helps to purify by removing the contaminants. When the water seeps into the ground, the grass absorbs the nutrients and the contaminants in the soil. This means that as the water progresses deeper into the earth.  In this process contaminants are removed so that when it reaches underground sources it has been purified.

This is a great benefit of proper Minneapolis lawn care. It gives grass and its ability to remove contaminants a chance to get the job done. Plus, the water is absorbed and does not run off compared to hard surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks, and patios. The water is purified and will be used repeatedly over time.

As you can see, proper lawn care in Minneapolis provides you with better air, water, and cooler temperatures. This is extra important during the hot days of summer. By investing in healthy green grass, you can reap many benefits. These benefits will help you and everyone in the area for many years to come. That’s why proper Minneapolis lawn care is so critically important.  Please contact the Minneapolis Lawn Care professionals today.  Considered by many to be the best lawn care company in Minneapolis.    612-405-2660


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