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mosquito spraying company, Mosquito Spraying Company, Lawn Care Service Minneapolis

Mosquitoes are a fact of life. They also carry diseases such as West Nile virus, leaving nasty bites on anyone they touch. Lawn Care Minneapolis treats one of the leading sources of these pesky critters as a leading mosquito spraying company in Minneapolis for 45 years.

Do mosquitoes grow in my yard?

Anywhere there is food and shelter is a mosquito breeding ground. These insects love cool, damp places in addition to standing water. Tin cans, buckets, discarded, tires, artificial containers, anywhere that is wet attracts attention.

As the climate warms, the problem persists. Continual rainfall will support ever-larger communities, especially as winter starts later in the year and ends earlier. Heat is not your friend in insect control.

Can I control mosquitoes on my property?

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to cut down on the presence of bugs in your home and yard. Many solutions are simple and require very little effort on your part.

Bugs, fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes thrive in similar environments. Standing water, gardens, and lighting attract all kinds of insects. Growing repellent plants and ensuring proper drainage are crucial to reducing the problem.

You can even cultivate a population of animals that feed on mosquitoes. Bats and birds love to help with pest control. They also provide countless hours of entertainment.

Ensure that you eliminate places where mosquitoes breed before attempting an artificial solution. Failing to do so will allow them to thrive in areas where sprays do not reach.

Spraying for mosquitoes

Spraying is an effective part of a broader solution to your bug woes. Landscapers place a protective barrier across the yard to repel unwanted invaders. This keeps mosquitoes from closing the distance between natural or artificially supportive environments to your home.

We search for spots that act as breeding grounds. Birdbaths, ponds, and areas with poor drainage need to be addressed for the comfort and the health of your home.

When combined with vigilance and general cleanliness, you can eliminate your pest problem. We help to provide a barrier but do not stop the paint bucket from becoming used as a haven for hatchlings. Regular treatment is extremely effective.

Are mosquito sprays safe?

Mosquito sprays are safe. DDTs and other potentially harmful chemicals are banned in the state of Minnesota. Rest assured that our pesticides allow for your backyard barbecues to go off without a hitch.

Scheduling an appointment up to 72 hours in advance of a party or large gathering is advisable. This allows odors to dissipate. Still, our treatment does not harm our customers.

Mosquito Spraying Company in Minneapolis

We treated an uncountable number of lawns since incorporating in 1974 under Lawn Care Minneapolis. Every customer receives the same attention to detail that we use on our own yards. Our professional staff know where insects live and how to treat them.

There is never a need to place you or your loved once in the way of these insects. Contact our staff today for a quote and take control of your bug problem.

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mosquito spraying company, Mosquito Spraying Company, Lawn Care Service Minneapolis

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