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Get the Leading Fake Turf in San Diego

Buy artificial grass has become the best alternative for outdoor landscaping. Fake grass that looks real is a clean, sustainable, and low maintenance option, and is an excellent long-term investment. The best synthetic turf allows its owner to enjoy grass that looks green and fresh all year round.

If you want to install artificial turf, you will surely find in the market a variety of artificial grass installers that will claim to be the best. However, no alternative beats the products and service we offer at Pro Lawn Turf (A Progreen Company). You should know the reasons why we are at the forefront of the industry, and why we are your best choice for fake turf installation in San Diego.

Why Choose Pro Lawn Turf?

Exceptional Features

Throughout our 24+ year history, we have made an effort to thoroughly study the materials, manufacturing, and technologies of the artificial turf industry. This allows us to analyze and detect different flaws that artificial grasses have had since the first generation, to create products of exceptional quality. That is why our ProGreen product line is at the top of the industry, including these features:

  • Patented ProFlow 100% permeable backing system.
  • Lower abrasion fibers with varied blade shapes
  • Cool Turf systems
  • Low to no luster fibers
  • Natural grass color-matched
  • The patented cool turf system
  • Engineered fiber resilience
  • Pet friendliest turf
  • Non-Absorbent
  • Maximum dimensional stability
  • Adapts better to natural undulation

Total permeability

One of the key success factors of artificial turf is its drainage capacity. To achieve high performance and durability, we developed the ProFlow 100% system. This is composed of two woven layers of high caliber, a layer of five picks, and a final layer of a high viscosity polyurethane compound. This ensures 100% permeability of the turf mat, for optimal performance for decades.

Besides, we replace the bottom rubber installation strip with sand to ensure that water permeates, preventing the accumulation of odors, bacteria, and debris. In this way, we ensure our customers a clean lawn that looks just like natural grass, which you can only tell apart when you touch it.

An Option for Every Need

We understand that the demands and characteristics of the turf must be different according to the customer's needs. That is why we develop the best options to meet the needs of residential, commercial, putting green, and pet turf customers.

The Best Staff in the Industry

We become the best artificial grass installers nearby because we focus on gathering the top installers in the region. All of them are highly trained and experienced. This allows us to develop high-performance projects, with the best practices in the industry, that allow us to deliver high-quality projects.

It's Time to Get Your Premium Artificial Grass

IF you're ready to enjoy the best artificial turf in the industry, we're ready to provide it. Pro Lawn Turf (A Progreen Company) is the reference company in the region, with almost 6K projects successfully delivered, and more than 4.7 million square feet of turf installed. It's time for you to join the owners of the best fake turf in San Diego. Contact us and get your quote.

Fake Turf San Diego
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