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Property Management Lawn Care


Property managers in Minnesota have so many responsibilities especially when it comes to property management lawn care and it’s easy to overlook things like the lawns of the members or tenants. Neglecting proper fertilization and weed control efforts, combined with occasional drought conditions, dog spots and grass disease can leave you with undesirable spots and bare patches on the turf of the commercial property.

As they say an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure or something like that, but let us see the writing on the wall. Sometimes if not often you are going to need to plant fresh grass.

Grass Growing Tips for Property Management Lawn CareProperty management lawn care

Before seeding any part of your properties, it is important to remember that seeding is likely one of the hardest things to accomplish properly. First thing you will need to do is determine which seed is best for your turf areas, and that will depend on what part of the country you live in as well as the conditions and locations of the related turf grasses.

When seeding it is important to remember that seeds are in a dormant state and are covered with a waxy coating, which, depending on the seed, will mean an extended period of time before it will germinate once it is put out on the lawn.

Watering is the biggest component of getting your seed to germinate, as it will require up to 4 weeks of daily watering ensuring the seed stays moist in order for it to germinate.

Plus if you happen to take a few days of leave or a long weekend and the seed dries out at any time after you have started watering it, the seed will die.

Here are some of the important tips to remember below:

  • Pick the correct seed for the area you are seeding. For example, if it is a shaded area you will want to buy a shade hardy seed. Also, the right varieties are important so that it matches what you already have growing in your lawn.
  • The best time to seed is in the fall when the soil temperatures are warm and the nights are cooler.
  • Soil temperatures must be above 55 degrees Fahrenheit in order for the seed to germinate.
  • Make sure that the seed has good contact with the properties soil. The best way for this to happen is by combining an overseeding with an aeration or top dressing.
  • Overseeding a healthy lawn without doing it in combination with aeration first is a waste of seed, as very little (if any) will germinate as there is no soil contact for the seed to germinate in.
  • Watering must be done daily for 15-20 minutes in order to keep the seed moist, especially if there is no supplemental water from natural rainfall.
  • Remember: if you plan on seeding in the spring, Weed Man applies an application of pre-emergent which will prevent the seeds from germinating.


How much seed do I need for my lawn?

When overseeding your lawn, the amount of seed required will depend on how large an area you are planning on seeding. Typically you will want around 4 – 6 pounds of seed per thousand square feet. For patches you will want to seed more thoroughly to ensure no gaps from grass blade to grass blade.

How can I get small areas that are bare or thin to fill in quickly?

One small trick to help get your seed to germinate quickly is to take a bucket and place a few pounds of seed in it and then pour some beer over it until it is entirely moist. Place the bucket in the refrigerator overnight, as the beer will help break down the waxy coating. This will allow the seed to germinate in about half the time.

Once the seed has been placed in the fridge overnight, remove it and mix it in with some soil and then rake it into the bare or thin areas. Make sure to keep it watered for the next few weeks and you should see it germinate very quickly.

Proper property management lawn care will keep the lawn healthy and looking good, and in the long run will pay for itself. Well maintained properties by the foresight of a good property manager, tend to be perceived as more valuable and thus aids in the public view of the property, the company that owns the properties and reflects back on who is taking care of that same property. In addition apartment buildings, nursing homes, assisted living locations all tend to have better occupancy when the lawn and the rest of the grounds are well maintained.

Then it comes to the end of the life-cycle of the commercial property and that well groomed lawn in combination with nice landscaping will help to increase curb appeal which inflates the buying price of the property by as much as 10-15%. So as you may have gathered by now keeping your eye on the ball by maintaining great lawns at your business or investment in the long run will help you hit it out of the park with your customers, tenants and renters.



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